Daytime mineral make-up application …

Daytime mineral make-up applicationIt’s easy to see how this smooth mineral foundation, natural coloured blusher, simply blended eye shadows, eye liner and lip gloss will provide a quick, easy and subtle enhancement to anyones appearance.

This is a really easy day make up which only takes a few minutes to achieve these amazing results. The colour selection perfectly suits Danielle’s fair complexion. Mystique foundation teamed with Jewel bronzer is a perfect match to Daniel’s complexion which has a very slight golden undertone. Allure blush gives a warm natural glow to the cheeks.

Foundation: Mystique
Bronzer: Jewel
Blush: Allure

Eyeshadows: Overall colour is Superstitious. Eye crease colour is Whisky. Highlight colour is Stardust

Eye shadow application

  • First apply the overall colour, Superstitious is a gorgeous lime green with a hint of gold.
  • Then in the eye crease apply Whisky shadow.
  • Highlight by gently pushing Stardust over the inner top of eyelid and blending under the brow line.
  • Ink Shadow doubles as a eyeliner applied with a wet brush along the top and bottom eyelid.

Eye liner: Ink Shadow
Mascara: Black
Lip gloss: Gossip

Before and after concealor application …

before and after concealor applicationNothing subtle about the changes to this quite severe case of Rosacea seen here. We’ve applied our wonderful Green Concealor to significantly tone down the red in this girls face with very pleasing results.

A perfect example of how easy it is to conceal rosacea using Zyink Green concealor and then applying foundation along with a very simple eye make up to reduce the flushed appearance of the complexion.

Rosacea is a skin condition which can actually be helped by using Zyink mineral make up. The minerals have a natural anti inflammatory effect, so the more you use it the calmer your skin may become. Rosecea causes the skin to dehydrate so we recommend after your usual skin care routine to apply Zyink primer gel before your makeup to achieve a smooth even skin tone.

Belinda is wearing Graceful foundation over the green concealor without looking like she is even wearing a foundation. Her face is framed by using Goddess bronzer from the top brow line sweeping under the cheek bone area. A hint of Tango blush on the cheeks, Charm cream doubles as a illuminate to the top of the cheekbone and then across the entire eye lid for a overall shadow base. A small amount of synergy eyeshadow (our most popular shadow) to the eye lid followed by Gilded, a leaf grean with golden undertones to the eye lid crease. Finish with Brown mascara and Vivacious lipstick.

Foundation: Graceful
Bronzer: Goddess
Blush: Tango

Eyeshadows: Overall colour is Charm Cream. Deep colour is Gilded. Highlight colour is Synergy.

Evening mineral cosmetic application …

Evening mineral cosmetic applicationThe dramatically blended use of these mineral makeup eye shadows adds yet another dimension to the skin tones of our Cambodian client and she was so delighted to find that our zyink mineral foundation was the perfect match to her skin.

Luminous foundation blends in so well on Sarlee you can’t see any make up line at all. Her face is beautifully framed by Jewel bronzer applied from the top of her brow bone, side of her face, chin and décolletage areas. A little Taboo on the cheeks & lips compliments the overall look for this seductive evening make up.

Foundation: Luminous
Blush: Treasure
Blush: Taboo

Eyeshadows: Overall shadow is Charm Cream. Deep colour 3 is Azure. Shadow colour 1 is Hectic. Shadow colour 2 is Intense. Highlight colour is Mirage.

Eyeshadow application

  • Charm cream makes a perfect base when you want a deeper finish to your mineral eyeshadows.
  • Azure to the crease of the lid toward the outer edge lash line.
  • Hectic purple shadow on the inner eyelid area and Intense aqua shadow on the outer eyelid.
  • A thin line of Onyx cream eyeliner on top and bottom lash line.
  • Using a wet liner brush apply the Intense aqua shadow under lower lash line.

Eyeliner: Onxy cream
Mascara: Black
Lips: Taboo lip gloss

Before and After work make-up application …

before and after work make-upInnocence foundation is an exact match for Nerelle’s fair complexion. Blended all the way to the décolletage area for even skin tone and also sun protection.

Tango Blush has been used on the cheeks for a natural glow plus Charm cream on cheek bone and as a eyeshadow base.

A simple day make up using gorgeous jaded green eyeshadow Envious to the eye crease, Charisma as a highlight.

Onxy black eye liner, Black mascara and Voodoo lipstick.